The Power of Believing in Yourself

When you truly believe that you are deserving of and capable of achieving happiness, you'll naturally be driven to pursue more expansive goals.

Go re-read that last sentence. It rings so true. Believing in yourself and your abilities is so critical to your success and often an overlooked aspect of self-growth. On the flip side, self-doubt can easily sabotage any efforts made towards progress.

The concept has two-part, one, that you are deserving and two, that you are capable. Which is harder for you? It varies from person to person, but both are necessary. All too often people don't believe that they are deserving of greatness. The voice inside our head has somehow labeled being deserving of success or happiness with being full of ourselves, when did self-confidence become a bad thing. Is it truly a negative to believe that you deserve your success and happiness and if so, why? You have worked hard to achieve this moment or position, why should it not be celebrated. If it was your spouse or your children, I would imagine you would tell them they are deserving of the success they achieve, yet we often don't turn that praise to ourselves, but we need to.

As most of the world struggles with imposter syndrome, it is easy to understand why people miss the mark of feeling capable. We always feel like was faking it and the world will find out we are a fraud. But the truth is, if you look around, you are doing it, you are capable of working that job, or hitting those goals, even though we tell ourselves "we are just faking it". If you are currently doing it, then you are not faking it. You are not an imposter. You are a badass who is more than capable of anything you put your mind to. All it takes is the understanding that you are deserving of happiness and success and that you are capable of achieving it! If you are missing the understanding that you are deserving or lack self-confidence, give me a ring and we can chat about it. You are amazing and capable of anything!!! I believe in you.

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