Unexpected Opportunities

When you take a moment to sit and think about the number of choices we make in a day, it is staggering. Did you know the average is around 35,000 in a day?

Let that sink in....35,000 conscious decisions in a day. Each and every one of these decisions impacts our trajectory in some fashion. From the insignificant to the really hard choice, they all have an impact, they all have meaning.

Some are done with barely a thought, while others we spend hours/days/months agonizing over them and replaying all possible outcomes of our choice. This is why it is so important to remain present and aware in our daily lives. It seems like an oxymoron to say be present, but in the age of chaotic schedules and digital devices consuming our every second, it is not as easy as you think.

There is a mindless choice that we make routinely without ever fully being aware. It is neither good nor bad, just not really an active choice.

I would suggest that all of our choices should be purposeful. Do not let life just "happen" to you. Be an active participant, make the choices, move your game piece on the board.

What seems like the smallest of choices could eventually have a big impact.

When we are living purposeful and conscious lives we get to see unexpected opportunities. We are not just scanning over our day or our lives. We are looking at it through deliberate actions. The difference is immense and impactful. When we are being present and purposeful we get the opportunity to see the path that we might not have seen if we were not actively looking and it might turn out to be the best choice we ever made.

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